Monday, 5 August 2013

For convenient and comfort practice of yoga, you need Yoga Mats and today’s market is filled with a wide variety of Yoga Mats that make it hard to select a suitable Yoga Mats. Here, we are going to hint you to select your Yoga Mats as per your requirements.

   ·         At first, find out your choices. What do you want- a plain solid coloured Yoga Mat or a more coloured one with varied designs
    ·         Pay attention on the thickness of Yoga Mats. The thickness of Your Yoga Mat has a lot of importance. A thin Yoga Mat can be a problem and a cause of uncomforted to your knees and other body parts during the practice of yoga. Go for a thicker Yoga Mat and the thickness should be 1/4, 1/8  and 1/16 inch
·         Find out the materials used in production of Yoga Mats. Yoga Mats are made using natural rubber, Eva foam, Japanese synthetic rubber, cotton, etc. If you are allergic to latex, escape yourself from buying Yoga Mats made of natural rubber. In short, pay attention on the nature of your body and accordingly select the Mat
·         Pay attention on stickiness too. A sticky Mat keeps you protect from sliding. You can opt the Mat made of PVC
·         Search in the local market or online. Pay attention on materials used, colours, size and thickness and then, select your Yoga Mats as per your choices and requirements

You can contact us (Gravolite Mats World, for your requirements of Yoga Mats. We offer
 our Yoga Mats in three categories- Yoga Mats Economy, Yoga Mats Premium and Cotton Yoga Mats. Made using high quality Eva foam, natural rubber and cotton, these Yoga Mats are the best for your unhindered, comfortable and enjoyable yoga practice. The Yoga Mats offered by us are widely used for complete yoga practice-asanas, meditation and relaxation. 
We offer our Yoga Mats Economy and Aerobic Mats Premium in sizes of 24” x 72”, 28” x 72”, 36” x 72” and 48” x 84” while we offer our Cotton Yoga Mats in size of 24” x 72”. Yoga Mats Economy are available in thickness of 3-4 mm and Yoga Mats Premium are offered in thickness of 4-5 mm, 5-6 mm, 7-8 mm, 8-10 mm, 10-12 mm and 12-14 mm. All these Yoga Mats are easily washable and absorb perspiration and reduce sliding. The Cotton Yoga Mats, Yoga Mats Economy and Yoga Mats Premium offered by us are comfortable and 100 % smell free. Due to light weight, these Yoga Mats are easy to carry.